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What's the difference between German Online Cubing 2020 and regular Speedcubing Competitions?

German Online Cubing 2020 is an online Speedcubing Competition. Therefore the obtained results and rankings are unfortunately NOT recognized as official WCA results.

General Rules

In this competition, the rules of the World Cube Association are supposed to be applied as accurately as possible. This means especially:
  • Pay attention to scramble your cube according to WCA rules and compare your scrambled cube with the scramble sheet before starting the solve. Please note the inspection time of 15 seconds.
  • Please use a SpeedStacks Timer or a similar product for timing your solves if possible. If you use your computer or smartphone, please pay attention not to start the solve with the puzzle in your hands.
  • Be honest! Please enter the times you achieved accurately and do not forget to add penalty seconds or enter DNFs.
  • We reserve the right to delele completely unrealistic results and disqualify the competitors that enter these results on purpose.

Where can I find the scrambles?

The scrambles for the first rounds will be uploaded on the 5th December shortly before 10 AM (CET) as a PDF file and will be available HERE. Scrambles for consecutive rounds will be uploaded on 6th December separately; only the competitors of these rounds will receive a mail with the neccessary password for these scrambles before the round starts.
2.Round: HERE
Finals: HERE 3x3x3 Finals: HERE

Results Submission

Please submit your results during the competition in our Google forms. You can choose one event at a time, submit your results and send the form. Please remember to enter the e-mail address you used to register for competing. For the other events just repeat the submission process accordingly.

Results Form for the first rounds on Saturday, 5th December between 10 AM and 6 PM (CET): HERE

Results Form for 3x3x3 Cube Second Round and Finals (except for 3x3x3), on Sunday, 6th December, between 10 AM and 12 PM (noon) or 11 AM and 4 PM (CET) respectively: HERE
To enter your results for the second round of 3x3x3 and the finals you will need the password that will be sent to you via e-mail if you qualify for consecutive rounds!

Valid entries are:

  • (only dots, NO comma, two decimal digits) for times below 1 minute. Examples: 15.34 or 9.67.
  • (only dots, NO comma, two decimal digits) for times above 1 minute. Examples: 1:26.87 or 3:54.32.
  • DNF for invalid attempts
  • DNS for attempts you do not want to execute.
Important: In case your timer shows three decimal digits the third digit is cut off, NOT rounded. For example you should enter 5.23 in the results form for 5.231 a well as for 5.238.

Averages will be calculated according to the rules of the World Cube Association.


All finalists are required to film their solves in the final rounds without any cuts. The first three places will be asked to submit their videos until 8 PM after the final on the 6th December for checking. If they cannot hand in the required videos, the results will be disqualified and the next place will be promoted as long as he or she can submit a full video. For the events 3x3x3 Fewest Moves, 3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded, 4x4x4 Blindfolded and 5x5x5 Blindfolded there is only one round; therefore we ask everyone with chances for one of the podium places to film the entire time it takes you to conduct this event. You can upload your video for the finals (further information available at Regulations) here and send them to

Rules for the live finals in the 3x3x3 Cube

The competitors for the finals will be invited with a link into a discord chat in which the finals will be held. Therefore it is necessary that all competitors in the finals have a discord account which can be created here.

At 3.45 PM on 6th December there will be a small tutorial on Discord regarding the execution of the finals; we ask all 3x3x3 finalists to participate. One after the other the competitors will do their solves with live-judging from one of our members of the organization team going from place 12 to place 1 in the second round. This will be hosted live on Twitch. Due to this we ask the other competitors in the finals to not watch the livestream before it is their turn to compete in order not to receive unfair advantage regarding scrambles and solutions. For the basic process, the rules of the WCA will apply; in addition to this the following rules will be followed:

  • The competitor scrambles the cube according to the scrambling sheet he/she will be granted access to via password before competing.
  • The judge controls the scramble based on the video transmission and confirms it with the words “scramble correct”.
  • The competitor covers the cube with a suitable cover. Then he/she has a maximum of one minute to prepare for the solve; he/she says “ready” and then immediately lifts the cover off from the cube. In this moment the judge starts the inspection time and will give the usual warnings after 8 and 12 seconds (see WCA rules).
  • The competitor starts the solve as usual after finishing his/her inspection. After the solve the judges confirms that the solves was executed in compliance with the rules and that no penalties have to be added by saying “okay”. The competitor will directly show his timer to the camera and verbally announces his/her time.