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For the entrance it is necessary to be registered, no matter if you are competitor or guest. The number of competitors is limited to 100. For the moment there is no limit for guests. Important: Everyone, also guests, please register seperately!

Name, WCA ID and the registered events of every competitor will be published on our website. The mail addresses will not get published and are only for the sake of us being able to contact you.

The personal results of a competitor at the competition (including name and nationality) will be published in the public databases of the World Cube Association (WCA). During the competition, the official WCA regulations will be applied. Not obeying those rules can lead to disqualification!

Participation is open to anyone who can reach the minimum required times of an event (see schedule).

Important: If you choose to pay on-site and not per paypal (paying on-site is more expensive, see here), please add "on-site payment" to the comment field whhen filling the registration form!

Pre-payment system

This competition offers a pre-payment option, that allows competitors to register compulsorily for a cheaper price. Thus, the organisers can solidly plan with those competitors. The system described in detail:
  • Fill in the registration form first.
  • To complete the registration, send the money via Paypal to the organisation team. For individual competitors this is possible with the Paypal button below. Don't forget to fill in the participants name!
  • Participants are only considered "registered" and receive a confirmation mail after having filled in the registration form and either payed the registration fee or send the information that you pay on site.
  • People cancelling until a week before the competition will get back half of the money. Full refund is not possible.
  • After 100 registered competitors (see competitors list), the registration will be closed. After that every registration will be put on a waiting list.

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