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  • October 22, 2013: The registration is possible until wednesday (23.10.2013) 12:oo pm.

Where and when?

26-27 October 2013
HCM Kinzel Stand : Halle 3-G100
Internationale Spieltage: SPIEL
Messe Essen


Additional information

  • We will accept at most 40 competitors. Participants coming both days will be prefered.
  • The winner of each categorie is going to get a price money of 15 €. The second / third places will be awarded with 10 € / 5€ respectively. Additionally all 3 placed competitors will receive a V-CUBE (2x2x2, 2x2x2 Pillowed, 3x3x3 Pillowed, 4x4x4 Pillowed, 7x7x7 Pillowed, 2-7 relay, Illusion: V7; 3x3x3: V6; 4x4x4: V5, 5x5x5: V3, 6x6x6: V2).
  • All registered competitors will get a free drink and a free sandwich.
  • Unfortunately, all people will have to pay the regular entrance fee for the fair. But there will be no further fee for the competition.

However, all registered competitors will receive a gift pack that will contain:

  • one V-CUBE T-Shirt,
  • one V-CUBE key chain,
  • one V-CUBE hat.

If you have more questions, please feel free to write a mail to