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  • November 29, 2017: Registration will be closed at 10.12.2017.
  • October 31, 2017: A hostel near the railway-station in "Depot195" offers a special price for Speedcubers: 32Fr in shared rooms of 4-8 persons. Mail to with the tag "Speedcubing" Also ask if you want breakfast included, for 38Fr.

What is Swiss Nationals 2017?

Swiss Nationals 2017 is a Speedcubing Competition. Speedcubing is the activity of solving a Rubiks Cube or related puzzles as quickly as possible.

Where and when?

16-17 December 2017
Swiss Science Center Technorama
Technoramastrasse 1
CH-8404 Winterthur


How much does it cost?

The entrance fee will be 15CHF. This applies to everyone (except reporters), no matter if you are a competitor, guest, parent of a competitor or someone else! After registering you will be redirected to tha payment (15CHF, via PayPal or bank transfer). All registered competitors and guests will receive a badge with which they can enter and quite the Technorama as they wish.

For beginners...

There will be plenty of time to test the equipment (for example the official timing device, the Stackmat timer) and discuss the rules if you have questions. However, every competitor should have read the official WCA regulations at least once before attending the competition!


Please feel free to write an email to