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Participation is open to anyone who can reach the minimum required times of an event (see Schedule).
There is a limit of 300 competitors. If you register later, your registration will be put on a waiting list. You move up if an already registered competitor cancels his registration. You can find further information regarding the use of your data before and after the competiton here.

Registration procedure

To compete in this tournament or to register as a guest, it's always necessary to register before the competition. There is no on-site registration.

Important: This competition uses a prepayment-system. Registration are considered complete after paying the entrance fee. Registrations will not be approved if the entrance fee hasn't been paid!

Registration and payment works as follows:
  1. Fill in the registration form and submit it.
  2. To complete your registration you now have two options:
    • You send the money to the organization team via Paypal. To do so, please click the Paypal button below. Please do not forget to enter the name of the competitor!
    • If you want to pay by bank transfer (higher price, see here), please send an email to In this mail, you have to mention which competitors or guests you want to pay for. We will then send you the banking information so that you can transfer the money.
  3. Participants are only considered "registered" and listed on the list of competitors after having paid and after having filled in the registration form. After this, you will get a confirmation mail. Guests will get a confirmation mail as well but will not be listed on the competitors list.
  4. A successful registration is binding. For that reason, we can not offer a refund.

Registration form

Registration is not possbile at this moment.

(If this is your first competition, leave this field empty.)
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Additional information

Name, WCA ID and the registered events of every competitor will be published on our website. The mail addresses will not get published and will only be used to contact you.

The personal results of a competitor at the competition (including name and nationality) will be published in the public databases of the World Cube Association (WCA). During the competition, the official WCA regulations will be applied. Not obeying those rules can lead to disqualification!